EUDM Autosports Sells Customers Counterfeit Wheels

EUDM Autosports, one of very few auto-sport racing wheel distributors and retailers located in Brooklyn, New York has hundreds of retailers across the country duped. Aside from these wholesale purchasers who buy in bulk from EUDM in hope of making a profit, thousands of consumers have been fooled as well.

“They’ve created a projection and an illusion that they are authorized distributors. The sad truth is they have not at all been in touch with any of the actual manufacturers or distributors” Says Peter Gables, a private investigator for one of the companies who is seeking to pursue this matter in court. Gables continues, “By purchasing counterfeit wheels or any replicated product without consent of the rights owner, you are assisting these fraudulent companies”

Gables also mentioned,”Our investigations have not concluded yet, once we have gathered enough supporting evidence and information, we will discuss our options with our legal team”

Some of the intellectual property stolen and monetized by EUDM Autosports illegally include but are not limited to BBS, Rohana Wheels, VMR, Vossen Wheels, MMR, and many more.

The respected companies are not held responsible for any losses or damages by EUDM Autosports. If you believe that you’re a victim of being sold a counterfeit item, you may report it directly to the manufacturer (* List of contact information provided below) or to the Better Business Bureau (BBB *Link to claim form provided below).

*Contact Information by Company

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  1. – To open an investigation
  2. – To file a complaint or a claim

Contact BBS –

Contact Forgestar –

Contact Inovit –

Contact HRE – or 

  • +1 760 598 1960

Contact MRR –

Contact Rohana Wheels –

Contact Velocity Motoring (VMR) –


Originally shared on CNN on July 6th, 2014

Credits to: Catherine DeBaq

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